Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New and Improved

R3 has been renamed to PaperToolkit... and is much improved.
  • Save and Replay of Test Sessions
  • Support for Adobe Flash applications.
  • Gesture Recognition (a ported version of Wobbrock et al.'s $1 Recognizer)
Enjoy PaperToolkit version 0.7. =)

Friday, October 27, 2006

Version 0.3 is Out


New Features:
  • Handwriting Recognition courtesy of Microsoft Tablet PC
  • You can add Sheets and Regions at RUNTIME. This means that you can use existing patterned sheets (straight out of an Anoto notebook) as actual regions (with event handlers) in your interactive prototype. Support for this is currently very preliminary... I will flesh this out in the next few days.
Any XML file that was generated by a previous version of the toolkit will probably not work with this version. You'll have to regenerate those XML files (good thing they're created automatically, huh?)

Hasta Luego...

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Goals for version 0.3

Based on an analysis of the Lo-Fi prototypes, and feedback from TAs and Professor, the big goal for version 0.3 of R3 will be support for Handwriting Recognition. Let me know if this should NOT be the case. =)

Right, and if you're wondering what ever happened to version 0.2... It was tagged in the SVN repository as the "base" version provided to the CS160 class.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Release version 0.1

With much fanfare, R3 version 0.1 has been released.

Use SVN to get the code from...
Source Code:



Tuesday, August 08, 2006

More News...

One person suggested a really geeky name for the toolkit today. R3D3. Of course that stands for Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: A Toolkit for Designing, Developing, and Deploying Paper Applications. Wow, that's a long name. And of course, since you are a geek (you are reading a blog about a toolkit, after all) you get the reference to our wheel-bound friend.

We found some potential users for the toolkit. Seems like students at UC Berkeley might want to use it in their HCI course. Hopefully, everything will work out (and the toolkit will be ready in time!). =)

One other question. Is it Reduce-Recycle-Reuse, or is it Reduce-Reuse-Recycle? The former rolls off my tongue better, but the latter makes more logical sense. Clearly, you'd like to reuse materials before you go and recycle them! I might have to change the banner on our home page.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Making a Video Prototype

We are making a video prototype of the R3 design environment. The
video will be posted here when it is done.

Here is a current idea for the design environment for the toolkit. The idea is that we integrate the DiamondTouch table, Anoto pens and paper, and physical devices to provide a low threshold and fast toolkit for making paper applications. Additionally, since it is on the table, the toolkit design environment supports collaboration.

Below, we have an unfinished flash animation that depicts a biologist designing a paper+digital application for uploading data sheets to flickr. Imagine these graphics running on a large DiamondTouch at 1600x1200 resolution, and you will see what we mean.

To navigate the flash animation, click on it, and then use the right arrow key on your keyboard:

Right-click to Download for display on your *own* DiamondTouch. =)

The person browses to the flickr upload page, and then the system becomes aware that a data destination has been made available, updating the information bar on the top (last screen).

More to come...

R3 Toolkit is online...

We have begun to design R3Tk. Design ideas, preliminary documents, and sample code will be posted here.