Friday, October 27, 2006

Version 0.3 is Out


New Features:
  • Handwriting Recognition courtesy of Microsoft Tablet PC
  • You can add Sheets and Regions at RUNTIME. This means that you can use existing patterned sheets (straight out of an Anoto notebook) as actual regions (with event handlers) in your interactive prototype. Support for this is currently very preliminary... I will flesh this out in the next few days.
Any XML file that was generated by a previous version of the toolkit will probably not work with this version. You'll have to regenerate those XML files (good thing they're created automatically, huh?)

Hasta Luego...

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Goals for version 0.3

Based on an analysis of the Lo-Fi prototypes, and feedback from TAs and Professor, the big goal for version 0.3 of R3 will be support for Handwriting Recognition. Let me know if this should NOT be the case. =)

Right, and if you're wondering what ever happened to version 0.2... It was tagged in the SVN repository as the "base" version provided to the CS160 class.